From Nicole

Wanted to thank you  for sharing about your bracelet story. When we got home from the retreat  I had to empty the guest room and a few closets we have always used for storing things in an organized fashion in order to make room for all of Joanna's things. Without a good place to put everything now, my OCD self had a little meltdown.  I realized unless this was going to be the first of many meltdowns to come with a lot of changes to our 17 year routine, God was going to have to get a quick handle on on my heart. My watch battery died that day, and I had to wait around in a jewelry store while it was fixed. God reminded me then of your bracelet and I saw the perfect one!  So far, peaceful bracelet moments have taken place!  Of course it was a bit awkward when I was cooking the first night with my husband and Joanna and he said, "When did you get that bracelet? You never buy jewelry, that's weird!"  Now he understands and we had a good laugh.

Nicole, Pastor's wife

From Crystal

Thank you so much for your class and sharing all the great information with us.  We are excited about what we have been able to use in our home and hope that we can continue to incorporate focusing on the Fruit of the Spirit and purposeful parenting and planning.  
I wanted to share a ritual that I started with Jillian when she was very young.  It reminded me of your finger play example.  When Jillian was a baby I would pray over her while I put lotion on her body.  “thank you God for Jillian’s tummy and all of the healthy food you give us, thank you God for Jillian’s legs please help her to walk the path you lay before her, thank you God for Jillian’s arms that hug….” Over the years this became our routine.  It followed bath and Jillian would add thankfulness and actions.  Her little voice would say “feet that dance” as she twirled around the bathroom floor.  Now that we have a kindergartener that likes to do things herself we don’t always get to pray over her.  However, sometimes even when she is putting lotion on herself I hear her say, “thank you God for a face that smiles…”  And when she needs it, she will ask me to pray for her and put the lotion on.  Her favorite part is the end… “thank you God for Jillian.”  
I truly appreciate your teaching!  Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and message. 
Crystal, Parent

From Stephanie

I had an amazing time with the Lord at Camp Allen at the Central Women's Retreat this past weekend.  I am so thankful for the presenters, the worship leader and the staff that made this precious event happen.  My life is so much richer now. Thanks to Peggy Osborne, Lauren Osborne and Courtney Osborne for sharing their hearts and life experiences with us all, encouraging us to abide in the Lord.  Priceless.  Thank you, Jesus!

Stephanie, Women's Retreat

I wanted to take the opportunity to share with you how the ROCK cards have made an impact on a group of children.  We started using them in our Children's Ministry Night service back in January.  We began the series with clips from the movieInside Out which is all about the emotions we deal with on a daily basis and the way we respond to the emotions we are feeling. 
The children in our group are from varying backgrounds but many of them have divorced parents, parents who are dealing with addictions or some other type of hardship.
We began the introduction to the Rock Card Set with the importance of building a firm foundation on the ROCK (Resting on Christ the King) and used Bible stories such as the wise and foolish builders in Matthew 7 and Luke 6. Each week we added a new emotion. 
The night included a Bible story, memory verse game, and activity game.  Some of our games included a rendition of Angry Birds (trying to knock over the other teams creation of stacked cups with rubber bands and ping pong balls), Team Hide and Seek for afraid and anxiety, and the Freeze Dance to kids praise songs for happy. 
We had a great time with these cards.  The kids also made their own set of cards. They picked the verses that meant the most to them to include in their personal sets.
The last night we wrapped it up and they took home their cards with much excitement! 
I am so thankful for my time at the conference to get to see the cards and I just wanted you to know that their are children in Rome, GA with a better sense of what to do when emotions are running high/low/and all over the place. Much love!
Tiffany Roberts, Pastor’s Wife and Children’s Leader
Rome, Georgia

From Debbie

Thanks so much for contributing to the success of our Women’s Ministry Fall Kickoff event held September 11th!  Your encouraging and motivating presentation on how our ladies can SHINE for Christ in every area of their lives was exactly what we were looking for.  We had over 100 women of all ages who not only enjoyed your message but also were inspired by the awesome worship, ministry opportunities offered, and of course, great fellowship.  Can’t wait to have you back again! 

Debbie Maurer, Director of Women’s Ministry

From Brandi

I just wanted to thank you for leading this Bible study!!! 

This past week my daughter had several tests at school. She is a 4th grader and by the end of the day she was worn out. By me knowing when to take the "pauses" and restart our communication/listening to each other it helped so much! Just giving her a hug or snuggling to unwind was huge! I have grown to know that when she is tired, her listening skills go down as well.

Hearing the techniques provided through You Are My Treasure have been a blessing in our house and family for myself and my daughter.

Brandi, Parent

From Allison

Loved the lesson that was taught today by Peggy,  I had seen the nature video she shared before but it made me cry again today. So, I put up a hammock that we have never used and made my kids play outside.They had a blast! Thankful for the reminder to put down our electronics and get outside!

Allison, Parent

From Hollie

I have been meaning to message you and tell you that the Conflict Resolution book, New Beginnings, has been such a blessing in our home. My youngest has some major meltdowns.  We've sat down several times when he is in one of his angry tantrums where he is most likely hurt a sibling. The book usually starts very one sided and the youngest cannot even do the deep breathing. My favorite is the prayer page. I usually have to do the prayer for the youngest but it is SO beautiful to watch that anger begin to soften. I love it! Watching the Lord work in his little heart is so precious. By the end they are giggling and all is forgiven. I do appreciate the work that you guys are doing. These concepts we are teaching by using your tools will be valuable to them throughout their lives. Thank you so much!

Hollie, Parent

From Debbie

What a blessing you three ladies were to our women's retreat! The survey comments are still coming in and they are so positive and encouraging.  Some want a retreat every year! I have already reserved our site for 2018.
Thanks so much for all your thoughts, suggestions, ideas, and prayers in helping to make the retreat a success...glorifying God. 
Debbie Maurer, Women's Minister and
Women's Council of Central Baptist

From Beth in England

Wow wow WOW!!! The box arrived this evening but I have only just gotten around to opening it now. I absolutely LOVE everything!!! The placemats are exceptional and I am thrilled to have them in time for Easter. The teaching resources look fab too and I am excited to use them. It would be great to facetime at some point... very keen to get your ideas on using these resources. Thank you so much for the extra ROCK poster and poem also... great.

Thanks again for all you have done to get these to me safely and in time for Easter, and for keeping in contact throughout. Fabulous service and outstanding products.

Thank you!

Have a wonderful Easter celebrating our risen King!